The harvest in 2017 was an unusual one from several perspectives.

Michael Brajkovich MW

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Single Vineyard Wines

Since 1944 we've learning, testing and adapting to our site, our climate and our conditions.  Over that time a few sites have put their hand up in producing outstanding single vineyard wines.  

Kumeu River Estate Wines

The Kumeu River Estate range of wines are made from a selection of the better sites we have in Kumeu and represent the benchmark of quality that we can achieve.

Kumeu Village Wines

The Village wines represent a level of well crafted wines at a modest price range that benefit from the care and attention shown to the Estate and and Single Vineyard wines. These wines are made from sustainably grown grapes that are hand harvested, fermented using only wild yeast with extended maturation on yeast lees and bottled in our cellars in Kumeu. Suitable for all occasions and ready to drink now